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GU energy gels contain a complex of sugars, maltodextrin (70-80%) and fructose (20-30%, depending on the flavour) in 100 calories. As a quick source of energy for the human body, they allow increasing and maintaining performance during daily training. The ideal dosage is 15 minutes before exercise and further after 45 minutes of physical activity. Some gels contain caffeine to increase alertness and reduce the perception of fatiGUe. They are gluten-free. What do you think of when you say orange? Is it sour, juicy, tangy? Do you also think of tangerines and Christmas? If you hit our tips, you'll love the Mandarin Orange flavour. It brings all the refreshing qualities of citrus fruit and makes a good workout buddy. CARBOHYDRATES: Optimal ratio of fast and slow sugars 4:1 AMINOXYLINS: For increased attention and recovery speed ANTIOXIDANTS: Vitamins C and E prevent muscle fatiGUe ELECTROLYTES: Sodium (45 mg) and potassium (55 mg) promote proper hydration FLAVORS Salted Caramel with caffeine Strawberry Banana Decaffeinated Vanilla Bean (vanilla) with caffeine Chocolate Outrage (chocolate) with caffeine Tri Berry (berry) with caffeine Espresso Love with twice the caffeine (40 mg) Mandarin Orange with caffeine Jet Blackberry (blackcurrant) with double the caffeine (40 mg) Lemon sublime (lemon) decaffeinated Caramel Macchiato (caramel coffee) with twice the caffeine (40 mg) Mint Chocolate (mint/chocolate) with caffeine Salted Watermelon with caffeine Decaffeinated Toasted Marshmallow Cola me happy (cola flavour) with double the caffeine (40 mg) PACKAGE 32 g sachet EXPIRY DATE 04/2023
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