Cyclingclassic socks Biotex RACE yellow/white

Product has been discontinued

Like all Biotex garments, as well as a refined styling these socks hide many technical features combining breathability, lightness and strength. The area of the heel and toes is made with a yarn developed to offer robustness, while the rest of the foot is made of polypropylene fiber and ultra absorbent BTX material which is light and soft. Made with three different yarns for optimum performance, these sock are very comfortable, smooth and soft on the skin.

  • BENEFIT: strengthened heel and tip, sweat wicking
  • FEATURES: breathable, comfortable, extremely light
  • SEASON: spring, summer
  • DESIGN: multicoloured
  • MATERIAL: polyamide, polypropylene, Elastane, BTX
  • SEX: unisex
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Product code: 1023.01