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Cycling bib shorts LEGEND black/red

Product has been discontinued
New  parachute  bibs,  mesh  sidepanels,  Lycra  Ceramica  crotch.  8  cm  mesh  gripper.  BRT pad -  an innovative pad as the various layers are assembled and drilled asymmetrically. This action allows a better breathability of the underside of the pad, keeping the zone dry and cool, as well as increasing security and absorption by soil stress and vibrations transmitted by the frame. These stresses can create redness if the area remains wet during use because of the sweat and poor breathability. Therefore, this type of drilling obtained with single holes on the various layers  made of different density and material allows the pad to be more breathable. The insertion of the gel helps to improve all of these features.  
  • BENEFIT: gel insert, with braces, combination of materials for maximum comfort, silicone endings, integrated cycling pad
  • FEATURES: breathable, hypoallergenic, elastic, antibacterial
  • SEASON: spring, summer
  • DESIGN: multicoloured
  • SEX: men
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Product code: 6908