JAMPA™ - bibshorts - black

Product has been discontinued

New generation fabric made by matching polyurethane and a membrane. Wind proof, waterproof, light and with a high flexibility. FX13 pad - this pad is manufactured with an inner perforated foam and a central groove that reduces the body pressure onto the saddle. It is highly breathable and it’s partircular feature is the absence of stitching.

  • BENEFIT: combination of materials for maximum comfort, integrated cycling pad
  • FEATURES: windproof, waterproof, clings to the body, light
  • USE: road cycling, MTB
  • SEASON: autumn, spring
  • DESIGN: single-colored
  • LENGHT: 3/4 trousers
  • MATERIAL: polyurethane, JAMPA™
  • BRAND: Biemme
  • COLOUR: black
  • SEX: men
  • :
  • Product code:: A52G101M.A95

Biemme was founded in 1978 following an entrepreneurial idea of Maurizio Bertinato. It has now become a major reality in the field of technical clothing for cycling. With high end fabrics and technologies within Biemme garments, Biemme wants to make sure to meet all athletes' needs.