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lube Finish Line TEFLON PLUS 120ml

PACKAGES OF 12 - PLEASE, IF ORDERING A LARGER QUANTITY, ORDER IN ORDERS OF 12 (12, 24, 48) IF AT LEAST POSSIBLE. Teflon Plus™ is a versatile lubricant for the field and road. It is more suited for dry conditions. It contains lightweight synthetic oils with microscopic Teflon™ particles from DuPont™. Due to its low viscosity, it easily penetrates into hard-to-reach areas where it dries and forms a slippery film. Teflon Plus™ is excellent at resisting pressure and washing away, while not sticking to dirt. It is also suitable for shifter pins and bowden pins. Design: dispenser Quantity: 4 oz/120 ml
  • EAN: 036121102002
Product code: T00022901-2