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tubeless sealant Finish Line FIBERLINK TUBELESS SEALANT 1l

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Finish Line FiberLink™ Tubeless Sealant is a new latex tubeless sealant developed using our proprietary FiberLink™ technology. FiberLink™ sealant uses strong Kevlar® fibers to seal defects faster and stronger. These Kevlar fibers work in conjunction with liquid natural latex to form a durable, tacky sealant capable of sealing defects up to 8mm in size. The Kevlar fibres also reinforce the repair site, preventing further problems in the same area. The sealant moves very quickly in the sheath and instantly seals the defect. The natural latex together with the Kevlar fibres ensure faster and stronger sealing of the defect, minimise air loss, and are extremely reliable and easy to install. All this makes it the ideal companion for the race track, but also for your classic rides. Features and benefits: - Latex sealant uses FiberLink™ technology. - Kevlar® fibers provide a strong, long-lasting seal for even larger punctures - Low viscosity is ideal for racing conditions - Fast-acting natural latex reduces air loss - Optimal life between refresh cycles - Easy to install Suitable for: - Mountain bike tyres - Gravel tyres - Road tyres Dosage: - Road - 60-90 ml - CX, Gravel, 26", 27.5" - 90-120 ml - 29" - 120-150 ml - 29+ - 150-180 ml - Fat bike - 210-240 ml
  • EAN: 036121711198
Product code: FL2322901-1