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Six2 TS2

55,00 €

Six2 TS2

T-shirt - dark red

Brand: Six2

Product code: 10010

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55,00 €


SIXS long-sleeve round neck t-shirt made of the Carbon Underwear fabric that lets the skin breath and ensures thermoregulation of the body in any weather condition (outdoors or indoors). The long sleeve hugs every part of the arm to keep the skin fresh and lies between the skin and a top garment. It also slightly protects against cool drafts if a short-sleeve top garment is worn.


  • BENEFIT: mesh fabric, sweat wicking
  • FEATURES: breathable, thermoregulation, light, elastic
  • USE: universal
  • SEASON: year-round use
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: round neckline, narrow cut
  • DESIGN: single-colored
  • LENGHT: long sleeve
  • MATERIAL: Carbon fibers, polypropylene
  • BRAND: Six2
  • COLOUR: red
  • SEX: men


SIXS' history began in 2009 in Italy, in Bagnara di Romagna. An overwhelming love for sports and an in-depth knowledge of textile technologies combined together to give rise to the company. The result is a patented, extremely innovative fabric sold on the world market of sports apparel, but that is made only in Italy.